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Fire Sealants / Flood Barricade


Flood Barricade Fire Sealants
Firebar with penetration using Firefoam and Silicone Sealant Firebar supported with edge brackets & cross straps in vertical service duct, viewed from below


'SRIMA' Fire Sealants and Flood Barricade are tailor-designed Fire Barriers to suit specific requirements and provide protection against spread of fire through any Ducts, Voids, Cavities, Electrical Cable Trays, etc. The fully Insulated Panels are fixed on a  Base Frame to cover large gaps, whereas Imported Fire Foam or Fire Boards are used to cover the small crevices and cavities.

Material : Firebar is a resin bonded high density mineral fibre board coated on both sides with an expandable Graphite based intumescent material. Firefoam is a fire retardant polyurethane flexible foam coated on both sides with a 2mm thick expandable graphite-based intumescent sealant.

Density: Firebar mineral fibre block has a density of 170kg/m3.

Size : Firefoam strip: 1m X 50mm X 22mm
Firebar board : 1200mm X 600mm X 50mm

Fire resistant rating: Independently tested to BS 476 for two hours.


Fire Dampers

Fire Dampers,Fire Sealent,Fire Resistant Rolling Shutters,Fire Retardant Doors

Fire Dampers - with GI framework of 100 x 50 x 3mm, Channel and Louvers of 150 x 1 mm, Automatic Closing type with Fusible Link for A/C Duct, etc

GI Dampers - with framework of 100 x 50 x 3mm Channel and Louvers of 100 x 1 mm Sheets with Spring and Bearing arrangement to keep the Damper closed in normal condition and open for Pressure Release



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